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The AtlantaCelts Enthusiast

The AtlantaCelts Enthusiast, in association with the Atlanta Celtic Festival organization, is dedicated to providing a wide range of services for Celtophiles and friends, such as:
1) a mailing list with quick shots of upcoming music and events in the Atlanta region as well as news and Celtic items of interest that relate to the Celtic lands, myths, and politics.
2) Monthly Spotlight on a regional Celtic music group
3) Monthly Spotlight on a regional pub or venue that showcases Celtic music
and more.

The group is hosted on Yahoo!Groups as atlantacelts. For those familiar with Yahoo!Groups and have a Yahoo ID, you can join the group at or clicking on the web button to the right.

The group is a moderated group in order to control SPAM and non-relevant input. As the Artoriani Atlanta Newsletter will be distributed through this group mailing list, interested people need to sign up in some form. Visiting the group site will allow you to join as a full member with access to the calendars, pictures and the ability to send articles and input to the group through the moderated channels.


For those only interested in receiving the newsletters and mailings, please enter your e-mail address in the web box below and hit the join button. 

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