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Aalfs, Laurie Anderson, Maggie 
Atkinson, Rita Auble, Joel
Baugh, Charles Bell, Dacey
Bennett, Steve Blair, Ric
Blair, Yun Boles, David
Bowman, Michael Boylan, Turlach
Breed, Bryan Buonodono, Pat
Campagnoli, Ray Campbell, Julia
Carey, Mary Cates, Susan
Chambless, Jil Cole, Danny Ray
Crawford, Tom Crouch, Gail
Crowell, Mary Cutliffe, John
Cutliffe, Lisa D'Arcy, Patrick
DeCiantis, Christina Devine, Owen
Donohoe, Kathleen  (native Irish singer) Dunkle, Marie
Dunn, Keith Dunning, James
Durham, Jeff Edwards, Lisa 
Flannery, James  (tenor) Gilbert, Clyde
Haller, Kim Handman, Lisa (harpist)
Harner, Suzanne Hay, Mike
Hearn, Andi  
Henderson, Caryn Hergen, George 
Hinds, Arthur Hopper, Russell
Horner, Davis Huthmaker, Anna
Jones, Lance  Killingsworth, Jason
Kirkland, Jim (fiddle, mandolin) Knighton, Gwen
Lanter, Mark Leger, Zac
Leonard, Alton Leonard, Fiona
Lloyd, John Maschinot, John
Matchett, Jobeth Mathias, Davey
MacCallum, Eileen McDaniel, Scott
McDuff, Rich  McLauchlan, Duncan
  Miller, John
Miller, Scott Moore, Jay  (Viola & mandolin)
Moran, Susan Morris, Larry
Morris, Lillie Morris, Tim
Mulligan, Alice  (piper, singer, dancer) Murray, Doug
Muse, Scooter Nelligan, Moira
Norman, George Northcutt, Meredith
Norville, Pelham O'Connell, Dan
O'Connor, Ray O'Dell, Beanie
O'Donnell, Ian (bard) O'Donoghue, Harry
Oliver, Ronan Ottzen, Susan (Harpist)
Palmer, Randy Petermann, Jeff
Peterson, Debra Pinholster, Katie 
Powell, Teresa Ptacek, Kurt 
Richardson, Mike Ricker, Chris 
Roberts, Bruce Roberts, Sally
Rutledge, Sarah Scott, Kenny
Shabkie, Donald Shearer, Ken
Sheridan, JJ Sigmon, Sarah Vegotsky 
Simpson, Mike Sins, Lorena
Smith, Chelsea Spivey, Gaines
Stem, Tom Stewart, Kelly (harper)
Stone, Bridgette Sullivan, Brian "Logan"
Sutton, Bill Sutton, Brenda
Sweeney, Julie Swint, Margie
Thomas, Katherine Irwin Tomson, Caeri
Vandevender, Neal Wickel, Duncan
Williams, John Paul  
Williams, Howard Williams, Mary Elizabeth
Williams, Mickey Williams, Patrick Michael
Winship, Gavin Wright, Johnny

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