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These pages will expand to cover pubs and restaurants of interest to anyone seeking a little Celtic flair in their lives, from authentic and not so authentic Celtic pubs, to Brew pubs and specialty local pubs. We will also provide details and information on restaurants and venues that sponsor Celtic music.

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What Makes A Celtic Pub?

   With the demise of Barney McColgan's Irish Pub a couple years back, the question arose again as to what makes a successful Irish Pub. Certainly, McColgan's fit a pattern that has emerged of the American Irish Pub. It incorporated a series of theme bars that had that old-world look. It was situated in an area that was growing and had easy access, a few miles off Georgia 400. It had a good mix of Irish and regular brands, along with a mix of pub and Irish food. Fridays and Saturdays were live Celtic band nights and always seemed to be crowded. So why the failure? more...

Pub CDs & Books

Irish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

The Best of Irish Pub Songs

Irish Drinking Songs

The Scottish-Irish Pub and Hearth Cookbook: Recipes and Lore from Celtic Kitchens, Kay Shaw Nelson (June 1999) Hippocrene Books; Hardcover - 272 pages

McGuire's Irish Pub Cookbook, Jessie Tirsch, McGuire Martin, Molly Martin, (July 1998), Pelican Pub Co, Hardcover - 256 pages